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by: Jessica Arnold

“I just need some sleep!” This is a common statement new mothers will say, think, or shout. If you have any children it is easy to relate to the tiredness a new mommy experiences.

Among the many services The Motherhood Center offers, the luxury of a peaceful nights rest is one of them. Our Postpartum Baby Doulas will come to the rescue, even the same day you call. All of our doulas work exclusively with The Motherhood Center, are educated in newborn care, breastfeeding support, postpartum adjustment, have liability insurance and are CPR certified and background checked.

The Motherhood Center Baby Doulas are passionate about working with infants and absolutely love, love, love babies (a definite requirement)! If you are feeling overwhelmed, hungry for expertise, and wishing for encouragement that you are doing the right thing, a baby doula can help. Our doulas are there to support you in the manner you wish to be supported. If a peaceful night’s rest is what you desire, the doula will tend to your baby throughout the night. If you have had a c-section, the doula will bring you snacks, run errands, make sure the nursery is tidy and baby’s supplies are clean. If you wish to receive advice on different tips and tricks in handling your baby, the doula is there to help as well.

The benefits of having a doula in your home for one night, a couple weeks or several months is the relief in knowing your baby is in experienced, caring hands. If you are interested in finding out more information on our baby doula services please contact Gabriela or Jessica at 713.963.8880 x 105.

Services a doula can offer:

*Breast/Bottlefeeding Support

*Night Feeding

*Monitoring Baby’s Nutritional Intake

*Burping Techniques

*Diapering, Cord/Circumcision Care

*Bathing, Swaddling

*Nursery assessment and organization

*Equipment set up and instruction: breast pump, sterilizer, monitors, cribs, toys

*Charting feeding amounts and times, sleeping schedule and play times

*Initiating an eat, wake, sleep schedule

*Assisting mom with night feedings or night feeding w/o waking parents

*Buffer unwanted advice from friends and family or let guests know when you need your rest

    The Motherhood Center Baby Nurse Doula Agency provides trained professionals who care for the newborn, mother and whole family through non-judgmental educational, emotional and physical support. We understand families’ needs and tend to them during the day and night. Helping and caring for families since 2000.