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By: Stephanie Duhon

Nicole was a bit crabby as we arrived for our Prelude Music class Friday morning. I’m not sure why, but she was just in one of those moods. Thankfully as soon as Miss Emily began playing the “Hello Song,” she perked up and it was not long before she was spinning around in the middle of the circle dancing away!

Prelude Music Class One of the first songs we sang this week is an old favorite of mine … “This Little Light of Mine.” Often Nicole roams around the room, but for this song, Nicole sat down quietly and was enthralled watching and listening to Miss Emily sing. She actually sat still long enough for me to snap a picture! Later in the class, she really got into “Singin’ Every Day.” She started dancing in a circle with her arms out. So cute! I love how she responds to each song in such a different way.

It amazes me sometimes how it seems so much easier for Nicole and the other kids to keep the beat than it is for me! I often end up being slightly off beat by the end of the song, especially if we are all singing different parts. But one added perk of the class is I feel my musical ability is improving with every class too!

It’s a good thing I’m feeling more confident in my own singing ability because Nicole has started requesting that I sing the “bah-bah” songs. I certainly have many opportunities to learn them. We listened to the Music Together® CD every day last week, sometimes more than once! So far, her favorites from this collection are “Crawdad,” “A Ram Sam Sam,” “Sweet Potato,” “I’ve Got the Rhythm in My Head” and “Singin’ Every Day” (anyone see a trend?). She likes me to sing “Sweet Potato” and the “Hello Song.” We have to sing hello to everyone in the family!

The Music Together CD has also helped us with a new bedtime issue. Nicole usually does well going down for her nap and at bedtime, but this past week, she has been finding every excuse to delay bedtime (she needs water, she wants to rock, she’s missing a stuffed animal, etc.). My husband and I decided to try a “bah-bah” CD and it worked! Now she walks into her room before nap or bedtime and turns on the CD player to start the music. She can’t wait to talk to her stuffed animals while listening to her CD before falling asleep!