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Graduating Seniors and Pregnant Moms: A Sense of Loss During the Age of Covid-19

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

The school year has come to an end. With all the changes Covid-19 has brought about, high school seniors (and their parents) have had to come to terms with graduation celebrations that look nothing like what they had imagined months ago.

I have been thinking about this a lot and I have watched students turn lemons into lemonade. We have all seen the virtual proms and graduations that have been taking place over Zoom or Google Hangout. Some teens even dressed up in their formal clothes for their own version of prom and took pictures and had dinner with their parents and siblings at home. Celebrating this way is better than not celebrating at all, but it is likely far from what these families had pictured.

Imagine being eager for graduation, after all of the studying and planning for your future, and all of sudden, senior graduation (the highlight of your high school era!), culminates in well, not much. You might as well have had pajamas on underneath your graduation robe.

Great Expectations and Great Disappointments

I feel like the situation graduating seniors are in is very relatable to pregnancy. I know you are probably thinking, how so?

Well, if you think about it, some women have been looking forward to their pregnancies for months, or even years. They’ve been keeping calendars and counting down to their due date, marking their pregnancies week by week. Expecting moms have been tracking their baby’s development and imagining with their partners what they want to labor and delivery to look like when the time comes.

As they’ve started to show, these moms have been excited to wear cute maternity clothes to show off their bellies. They might have planned sweet baby showers and arranged for fun photoshoots. Some expecting moms might have been envisioning themselves staying fit during pregnancy with yoga or fitness classes. Others were looking forward to hanging out with other pregnant women. They would get to commiserate about morning sickness, common as one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, or share their anticipation of holding a newborn in their arms.

Some women had been planning on taking advantage of the benefits of massage therapy even while pregnant, and had intended to make sure they would get relaxing prenatal massages with a comforting massage therapist – and suddenly all of that went away!


Missing our Clients, but Pivoting to Serve Them

As the Founder of our Motherhood Center, it has been difficult not to be able to provide the typical one-on-one support that the center and our team members are known for. Our desire has always been to assist women in having comfortable and healthy pregnancies in each trimester of pregnancy. We take great pride in being able to provide hands-on, in-person classes and services to our expecting clients and truly enjoy seeing them grow and transition along each of their individual pregnancy journeys. We really miss them!

We were able to convert many of our classes and services to make them accessible virtually, but of course, it’s just not the same. Many of our clients have now delivered their little bundles of joy, and we were not able to celebrate with them as we are used to doing. We miss having the opportunity to see those adorable babies when they come by our Motherhood Center to have their weight checked or to take a mom and baby yoga class.


Continuing to Support Pregnant Women

Graduating seniors and pregnant moms have had to accept many disappointments during this season, but I know that we can continue to stay positive.

Ultimately, we are all doing our best and working to find ways to create our online communities; and we continue to make lemonade out of these situations. For now, we are thankful and excited to start seeing some of our clients who are now newly pregnant, and we are glad we can connect with them during our Virtual Baby Bump Socials or Pregnancy 101 classes.

To our expecting moms, I hope you always remember to try and enjoy every day. Stop and smell the roses, put your feet up, call a friend, and connect with your family even more. Try new things like learning how to make baby food, start journaling, or who knows, maybe even write a book! Whatever you choose to do, try to find some positivity and calm during these times, and know that our Motherhood Center team is just a phone call or email away.